Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Afternoon stroll

Yesterday after work when I arrived at my house Dave was here waiting which I loved! We were planning to go to a movie but changed our minds and headed out to Folly. 

We walked around all the shops and tried on some fun hats! 
Then we headed to the pier which was really nice, there was a great breeze. Dave had never been on the pier so I knew we had to go walk on it. We went in the shop on the pier and he bought me 2 cute turtles which I LOVE!!! One is now on my desk at work and the other on my dresser at home! 

We ended up at Ritas, another first for him. We split a burger then I had a delicious margarita on the rocks and he had a beer. They had live music too which just made it even better. Drinks, great company, live music on the beach, perfection! 
It was a great afternoon and I truly enjoyed the quality time with my boy! 

<3 Sara

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Nicole said...

You guys are way too cute! I love your adventures :)

p.s. I know your my one loyal reader lol so I wanted to tell you I started a new blog on wordpress :) Hope you come over...otherwise I am writing to myself haha http://alwayslaughingatmyownjokes.wordpress.com/