Sunday, July 27, 2014

Fun in the Sun

Saturday started in the gym and I thought the day was supposed to be rainy. However, the sun won and we had a fun day at the pool. My sister and friend Dana came over to Daves and we spent all afternoon at the pool. We all got a little too much sun but hey it was worth it. 
Oh and my sis brought fried chicken. YUM!!
There was also quite a few flips into the pool, some being over people! Dana was a good sport for trusting him to do that! 

We were all quite hungry and not ready to just go home. So we headed to the mall for some King Street Grille. I had not been there in forever so it was nice. I like their food but their drinks are a bit pricey. 

A very fun day indeed, and next Saturday may be another fun pool day but kiddos involved this time! 

<3 Sara

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