Sunday, July 13, 2014

Relaxing weekend

Besides going our friday night this weekend was pretty uneventful. I surprisingly was fine with that probably because it was rainy all weekend. 
Saturday started at the afb gym and had a great workout. Like I said it rained all weekend so after the gym we ran to Target then watched movies all afternoon and he napped. 

He grilled us some yummy bbq chicken for dinner which was SO good. He got to use his new grill we got at Target for $9! Talk about a good deal! 

Sunday also started in the afb gym. I had the best cardio workout! They have spin bikes on the side so I basically got to do a spin class using my previous classes for ideas and I loved it! I sweat like crazy and I got my heartrate up high so I know I burned alot of calories. I gained a few lbs so I am really trying to up my workouts to get that weight off. Thanks to my ankle for the weight gain but it's better so game on! 

We took his dog for a walk and saw this old taxi and I thought it was so cool!! The inside of this car looked like it has never been redone. 

We ended the evening with dinner then TCBY! Next weekend will be busier so it was nice to not do much this weekend! 

<3 Sara

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