Sunday, July 6, 2014

That's a wrap

My 4 day weekend has come to a close! I had the best time off of work and really needed that little break. Thankful for a cool boss who let me take thursday off :) 

For the last day of my "vaca" I started it off with a great church service. This one was quite different seeing as it was outside under a huge tent. The sermon was great all about second chances and the music rocked!! The guy they have leading worship has an amazing voice. 

They had a picnic lunch after but Dave and I were not attending so we could make it to the movies at noon. He has wanted to see the new Transformers movie for awhile so we made it happen today. It was good but 2 hrs and 45 mins was just waaaaaay too long for me. 
Dave and I went to Old Navy for their awesome sales for the holiday weekend which we added a military discount to. We got a TON for such a great price! I love finding good sales! The only thing now that I really want more of is dresses for work. 
We ate dinner together and hung out then I headed home. Since I was not active much today I decided to take my Kodie boy for a walk. Only .62 of a mile which wasn't too long but better than nothing. 
Another amazing weekend in the books! I tell ya I love the people in my life. So blessed!! 

<3 Sara

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Megan said...

Yay for walking! It really is better than nothing. And believe me, your dog loved it! Mine just see their leashes and it's like a shouting frenzy. They just want their walkies!