Saturday, July 5, 2014

Bike Ride and a Picnic

Today we were supposed to go out in the boat but unfortunately the weather was not great and it was too windy for us to have enjoyed our time. Luckily though it didn't end up really raining only a bit of a drizzle here and there. Therefore we went out and enjoyed the day. Me, Dave, Shannon and the girls got out our bikes, packed a lunch and headed to the James Island County Park for the afternoon. We had such a great time and even got to enjoy the sprinklers they just redid the water was a bit too cold for me though. It would have been perfect if it was a bit sunnier out and warmer. 

 You can see the storm clouds in these few pictures but like I said it only drizzled, we lucked out!

 Dave and his BFF (what he calls Izzy) they had a lot of fun running through the sprinklers together.
I have not rode bikes in a really long time and today reminded me just how much I love it! I think I will try to make that happen more. It is fun and great exercise my Fitbit estimated that we burned 423 calories which is pretty darn good for an hour. We are having a steak dinner at the house with the fam which I is always a good thing :) I love a good steak!! 


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Megan said...

That jetty looks so picturesque! I wouldn't mind just swimming there! I should get a Fitbit!