Friday, July 4, 2014

Start of a long weekend of fun

Yesterday I decided to take the day off and make my long weekend a day longer. Thank goodness I have a decent amount of leave and was able to do that. 

I woke up and headed straight for a workout and it was pretty darn good! 
Dave and I were pretty busy the rest of the day. We went to my house to pick up a check and then heard some not so good news about my aunts cancer. We had time and decided to go see her for an hr or so. I had not seen her in a while because of my baaaad cough but now I know it's allergies so not contagious. 

We then headed to Petsmart in Summerville for Teddy to have his first vet appointment. He is very healthy luckily and apparently white fluffy dogs are picky according to the vet. I never knew they were known for that. 

Dave and I grilled out for dinner. Bbq chicken, yummt pasta salad and peas! YUM! I found this grill at walmart for $14 and it really has been pretty decent! For that cheap I had no clue if it would be good or not. 

I love the colors of the sunset. My sister actually called me to tell me to go look at it. 
We ended up playing a few rounds of beer pong. We improvised since we don't have a beer pong table, so fun! 
Today will be spent at my aunts for a party with the fam! 

Happy 4th of July everyone!! 

<3 Sara

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