Saturday, July 12, 2014

DIG in the park

Yesterday after work Dave and I met up with a group of people from work for Happy hour. They chose DIG in the park in Park Circle which I had never been to so I was excited to try a new place. Also I knew it would be a fun group and networking with coworkers is always a good thing. You never know when you may need something or vise versa, good relationships are a plus at work. 

We all met up at about 4:30 and the weather was perfect. We all were chatting, ordering drinks and having fun. 

Then the sky turned grey and the bottom dropped. It stormed pretty bad for a good hour at least. We were outside under a covered bar area so we were good but the thunder and lightning were a bit scary at times. 
Once the storm was over the band started and they were so good. I think they go by the name bootless and just fyi they were all in boots haha. 
A couple of people wanted to take a shot and since Dave was my DD I joined them. 
We had such a good time but after 3 hours it was time to go! 
Look how pretty the sky was after the storm, I loved it! 

I definitely enjoyed my time and got to know a few people better and talk to some I had never formally met. I also want to go back there for dinner one evening when the weather is a bit nicer. 

<3 Sara


Ashley Newman said...

We went to DIG a couple of months ago and LOVED it!!! We should do a double date one night!! :)

Pink and Green Mom said...

I have never been to DIG...will have to try it sometime!