Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Dental h e double hockey sticks

So yesterday afternoon was terrrrrible!! This picture makes me laugh but it truly captures how I felt. 

A root canal, crown and a filling=painnnnn 

Thanks to that afternoon of fun work didn't happen today. My mouth hurt so dang bad it's even hard to eat. Thankful for good pain medicine and a dentist who called to check on me. Besides the soreness in my jaw now things are looking up. Ay ay ay... What a time! 

Monday, July 28, 2014

Little life moments

Sunday was honestly very relaxing and I enjoyed it. We went to church and the service was all about prayer and making it personal, it was great! I personally learned alot and some things I already knew but it helps to hear it again. I really do love my church! 

After church Dave and I headed to get some stuff from his car then walmart for a few things! When we got back I thought the pool was a great idea, negative it was so incredibly hot I couldn't stay longer than 30 minutes. Plus there was probably 30 kids in the pool so it was quite loud. 

We hung out then went home for a yummy dinner for dads birthday which was saturday but we celebrated sunday. The steaks we had were amazing!! Nothing beats a good steak, in MY opinion. 

Dave and I took Izzy for a walk down to the school and holy heck we were sweating so bad!! We enjoyed our walk but a shower was much needed. 
They are too cute!! She has him wrapped around her finger! 

I am treasuring every moment lately and I truly feel blessed. I have an amazing family, great friends, great boyfriend who treats me amazing, roof over my head, food in my belly etc and honestly just happy! :) 

<3 Sara

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Fun in the Sun

Saturday started in the gym and I thought the day was supposed to be rainy. However, the sun won and we had a fun day at the pool. My sister and friend Dana came over to Daves and we spent all afternoon at the pool. We all got a little too much sun but hey it was worth it. 
Oh and my sis brought fried chicken. YUM!!
There was also quite a few flips into the pool, some being over people! Dana was a good sport for trusting him to do that! 

We were all quite hungry and not ready to just go home. So we headed to the mall for some King Street Grille. I had not been there in forever so it was nice. I like their food but their drinks are a bit pricey. 

A very fun day indeed, and next Saturday may be another fun pool day but kiddos involved this time! 

<3 Sara

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Midweek randoms

This week is halfway over, thank goodness. I have been in a training class mon, tues and wed for 8hrs a day on analyzing and presenting data. There were parts I found interesting but analyzing is just not my forte. Luckily our class had good people in it and the instructor was super nice! She knew we were prisoners haha
Tuesday work was doing an ice cream fundraiser during lunch so the boy and I shared one. Hey, it was for a good cause ;) 
Tuesday night we went to Red Leaf for sushi with Ashley, Mike and Jesse boy. I honestly love our friendship with them, I feel very blessed to have such great friends in my life. Anywho we had a super yummy dinner then headed to Walmart. Ash and Jesse were going there so we checked out the toys with them before heading our seperate ways. Jesse was too cute for words while we were there, love that sweet boy. 

Today Dave got his kids for the first time in a few weeks. They were visiting family out of state. At first it was kinda nice to not worry about the kiddos but we definitely missed them. When they saw me they got so excited and told me they missed me. How cute!! 
We went to the pool for a little bit, had dinner then they went back home. 

I am not sure what the rest of the week holds except gym visits and one more training class. Hopefully you all are enjoying your week :) 

<3 Sara

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Riverdogs Game

Saturday afternoon around 5 we headed downtown to the Riverdog stadium. My uncle David was recieving an award for community service/volunteer hours through various outlets for example blood donations and house tours with Historic Charleston foundation. 
I went down where they were so I could take a few pictures. Little did I know they would actually let me down on the field to get good pictures. My aunt Theresa took the pictures and I did a video of the presentation. The Governor of SC was going to present the award but was unable to attend so she sent Senator Thurmond in her place. 

Here is the senator, chaplain who married Theresa and David and then Theresa and David on the right. I must say it was pretty neat to shake hands and meet a Senator. Yes I am aware he is just any other person but still pretty cool. 
Here's some of our group that came to see him get the award. Grammy, aunts, uncle, cousins, Dave and Dana. I was so glad Aunt Susan was able to come! 

I should also mention this was Daves very first baseball game, EVER!! He really enjoyed it and we even got hats which I loved! 
The theme of the night was dissing Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber. The tounges out are pictures we took trying to get on the big screen at the game! We had fun taking silly pictures together. 

We had such a good day spent with family!! 
Saturday night I was exhausted and slept better than I have in months. Today Dave and I went shopping at the Tanger outlet and Walmart then spent the rainy afternoon watching movies. I did go workout for an hour while Dave took a nap! Tonight is tv and then sleep! Monday through Wednesday I will be in training classes all day so this week will be rough. My attention span is short and it's for accounting ay ay ay! Pray for me please haha 

<3 Sara

Family Reunion 2014

Saturday afternoon we had our family reunion with my dads side of the family. It was such a good time and luckily the rain never came. We had the reunion at my dads friends place on the Folly River and the view is beautiful from afar you can see the Morris Island lighthouse. Even though the sun was not out it sure was hot hot hot! But really it's July in SC so what else should we expect? Haha 

Here's the group photo, this group has changed so much over the years. It is nice to still get together with family and enjoy yummy food, AMAZZZZZZING desserts :) and good company. Speaking of the food I probably gained 10lbs this weekend haha kidding, maybe! 

Dave got to come after he left a volunteer event for the Navy ball washing cars to raise money. I was so glad he got to be there and meet some of my family. It is very important to me for him to take interest in my family and everyone to like him. So far it is going well :) 
Me and my nieces took some pretty silly pictures :) only a few are added to le blog! 

Wonderful afternoon and that evening was even more family time having fun! That will be another blog post! 

<3 Sara

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Relaxing weekend

Besides going our friday night this weekend was pretty uneventful. I surprisingly was fine with that probably because it was rainy all weekend. 
Saturday started at the afb gym and had a great workout. Like I said it rained all weekend so after the gym we ran to Target then watched movies all afternoon and he napped. 

He grilled us some yummy bbq chicken for dinner which was SO good. He got to use his new grill we got at Target for $9! Talk about a good deal! 

Sunday also started in the afb gym. I had the best cardio workout! They have spin bikes on the side so I basically got to do a spin class using my previous classes for ideas and I loved it! I sweat like crazy and I got my heartrate up high so I know I burned alot of calories. I gained a few lbs so I am really trying to up my workouts to get that weight off. Thanks to my ankle for the weight gain but it's better so game on! 

We took his dog for a walk and saw this old taxi and I thought it was so cool!! The inside of this car looked like it has never been redone. 

We ended the evening with dinner then TCBY! Next weekend will be busier so it was nice to not do much this weekend! 

<3 Sara

Saturday, July 12, 2014

DIG in the park

Yesterday after work Dave and I met up with a group of people from work for Happy hour. They chose DIG in the park in Park Circle which I had never been to so I was excited to try a new place. Also I knew it would be a fun group and networking with coworkers is always a good thing. You never know when you may need something or vise versa, good relationships are a plus at work. 

We all met up at about 4:30 and the weather was perfect. We all were chatting, ordering drinks and having fun. 

Then the sky turned grey and the bottom dropped. It stormed pretty bad for a good hour at least. We were outside under a covered bar area so we were good but the thunder and lightning were a bit scary at times. 
Once the storm was over the band started and they were so good. I think they go by the name bootless and just fyi they were all in boots haha. 
A couple of people wanted to take a shot and since Dave was my DD I joined them. 
We had such a good time but after 3 hours it was time to go! 
Look how pretty the sky was after the storm, I loved it! 

I definitely enjoyed my time and got to know a few people better and talk to some I had never formally met. I also want to go back there for dinner one evening when the weather is a bit nicer. 

<3 Sara