Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

<3 Sara


Im not 100% sure if I have mentioned before but my co-worker Claudia is retiring. Actually today is her very last day here. I can tell you one thing I am definitely going to miss her. We used to talk about EVERYTHING she knew all the latest drama whenever there was some. Due to certain things being removed from my life there really isn't much drama anymore. Thank God!!! Anyways We had a really nice party for her and another girl leaving as well yesterday. There was a TON of yummy food I definitely wasn't able to try all of it. Although I did want to :) I ended up getting a couple of pictures whenever one of the big guys was giving her retirement letter to her. I would have gotten pictures of her getting her gift but I ended up getting stuck doing something else. Anyways I just wanted to share a couple of the pictures. Btw those cakes were from Publix and it was AMAZING!!! They were made that morning so they were very fresh. :) Oh yes fat girl likes cake lol

<3 Sara

Btw my wordless Wednesday SHOULD be up later. Sometime!! :)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

What a weekend

I thought after the weekend you are supposed to be well rested and ready for the weekend. Well that is NOT the case for me this weekend. Friday after work I met my co-worker and her daughter, her friends etc and went to the Moja festival downtown. That was fun I got to see some African dance which honestly is very interesting. Then we left downtown and had dinner at applebees. Downtown would have taken FOREVER for a group of 8.

Saturday I woke up early and picked up my Angela and went shopping. We went to Kohls and Target and I got some really cute things on sale!! Oh and I got fake Uggs im SOOO excited. My ex hated on them thats why I never got them but now that hes gone they are MINE!! I want the dark brown ones too because I got the tan ones. After I dropped her off I went home and hung out with my momfor a little bit then went to shannons. Later I went to a movie with my cousin Kimberly. We saw All about Steve it was funny Sandra Bullock is hilarious.

Sunday*today* I went to church with Shannon, Tony and Lola didn't really like the service or the music I mean it was OK but not great. After church the ladies there threw Shannon a baby shower so that was fun. Then we spent the afternoon at my parents house. I did get to see my friend Amanda for a little bit which was nice. Hardly ever get to see her. Anyways thats my weekend!! I hope everyone had a great weekend!!

<3 Sara

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Silly post 2

You know I never knew I could love a little kid like I love my Lola. Is it weird that im 22 and would rather spend most of my time with a 3 yr old?? Shes just so fun and we are so silly together. Tonight while at my parents house we were baking cookies being the biggest retards ever. God I would be so embarassed if anyone EVER saw us. lol Its just nice to be able to let loose and not care at all what others think. Heck Lo thinks im hilarious haha its nice for my ego!! I just wanted to tell everyone how awesome my Lola is. And im just praying the Isabelle will be just as fun and fit right in with me and my Lolly Rolly Polly. :) A little over a month and my niece/god daughter will be here. YAY!!

<3 Sara

Funny little guy

My co-worker Claudia is retiring next Wednesday and as a going away gift she gave ME this troll. lol I about fell over laughing when she gave it to me. Its called a sand troll. How hideous is this thing?? lol she said she wanted it to remind me of her in a funny way. I am surely going to miss her and just hope that everything at work stays good. She is so much fun to talk to ill miss that for sure.

Tommorrow after work im going to the Moja Festival with my co-worker Shawn and Claudia. Its a block party/reggae fest. Im SO excited I might be a bit of a minority there but honestly I don't care. Will be fun and hopefully ill take some pictures to put on my blog. We shall see!!!

Have a great day!!

<3 Sara

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Im not really sure why but today I am thinking about my trip to Orlando in October. I am going with alot of family which im really excited about. I was invited last year but I just wasn't in a Disney World kind of mood I know crazy right? BUT this year im going and im REALLY excited about it. I am thinking about getting a costume so I can dress up for the Disney Halloween Party. Im nervous about the Universal Studios Horror night because I get scared kinda easily lol SO I am just praying I dont get scared and pee my pants or something. That would be aweful! haha! I think the Universal Studios its only a couple of us going instead of the whole crew! I downloaded the Logos for the events and I honestly think the Disney one is just SUPER cool looking. The other one is well creepy.

I think this one we are doing the first night we are there or maybe its the second night.

This one im pretty sure is Monday night. IM most excited about this one because I get to go with Lola *you know my bff*!

I am So ready for Friday its unreal! I have a rahter eventful week financially which I am not too happy about BUT God is providing comfort and helping these situations. Oh minus the fact that my washing machine is broke and I dont have money to get a new one. *mom and dad ill be washing my clothes at home for awhile* My cell phone bill was INSANE as well but that is getting taken care of as well. Verizon is not really becoming my friend, I miss alltel. Im thinking about changing services but im not sure which company to go with. ANy suggestions?

Well Got to go Have a great Thursday!!

<3 Sara

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lola Adventure

Yesterday after work I went to get Lola from her babysitters house. We went on an adventure to the park and it was SO nice out. They have a dock right on the waterway which was pretty. We went and sat out there for a little bit and the breeze could have put you to sleep it was just SO nice!! Anyways here are some pictures!! Enjoy!

OH btw under my watch she got a badly scraped up knee but I think she forgave me! haha

<3 Sara

Monday, September 14, 2009

Roomie Adventure Part 1

On Saturday evening Kelly and I went on an adventure downtown. We jammed all the way there and back listening to Old School BACKSTREET BOYS! haha Yup!! Blast fromt he past and we had a great time!! Here are some of our pictures! Enjoy!!!

BTW life is amazing right now I am so happy which is insane!!! <3

<3 Sara

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Today after work I met up with my Aunt Susan and went to the U.S.S. Yorktown for some exploring. We had a really good time. whenever we go there its always together. After we left there we went to Sticky Fingers it honestly wasn't that good. I don't hardly ever eat there and there is a reason for that. Oh well!! Hope everyone had a great Tuesday!

<3 Sara

Monday, September 7, 2009

Columbia Weekend

This past weekend I went up to Columbia to stay with the Shults family. I had to get out of Charleston and get my mind off of some things. and boy did it work!! I feel AMAZING!! Thanks Heather for a great weekend!! Friday we hung out had dinner and watched a movie. Saturday Heather and I headed to Charlotte to IKEA And Concord Mills shopping mall. It was a HUGE mall but nothing special to me anyways. We had a great time! we stopped at another mall on the way back to Columbia where I got some jeans :) YAY! I got some stuff at IKEA ill post a couple of pics of that later. That night we hung out and watched another movie. Sunday Heather and I went to target with Kainen *her son* he fell asleep! And we went to Best buy where I bought 3 movies, Ghost Rider, Hes just not that into you, and The covenant. Then we went back to get her hubby and went to the State Museum which was nice. Thats where most of my pictures were taken except the one of kainen I added. Hes just too darn cute not to take a picture of!! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend I know I did!!!

<3 Sara

Kainen being silly

I saw this rainbow on the way back to Charleston. Isn't it beautiful??? I loved it!!


So far I have been facebook free for 4 days and honestly I love it! I am sick of feeling "addicted" to something like facebook of course I have a SLIGHT addiction to blogger but nothing like facebook was. Its been a much needed break and its helped me get over my breakup ALOT as well. So thats a very Good thing!!!

Today I am at Mom and Dads house I think we are all going out to lunch/dinner for my sister Krystals Milestone. Can't blog about it but just pray for her to continue doing so well. She is improving so much and becoming a real sister/daughter. OH and Daddy is going to put together my shelving unit from IKEA which im STOKED about. OMG I love it!!! And I got a duvet cover which im IN LOVE WITH!!!

WEll I hope everyone has a GREAT labor day today!!!

<3 Sara

BTW Ill blog later tonight with pictures from my weekend in Columbia. That was JUST what the doctor Ordered! Thank you Shults family for letting me stay the weekend!! :)

Friday, September 4, 2009


I am SOOO excited!! I am heading to Columbia in less than an hour to go stay with Heather and her family!! AND she has said we can head up to Charlotte to go to my new FAVE store IKEA. I think the IKEA part is what is putting a smile on my face this afternoon. Anyways I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!! I know I will.

<3 Sara

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Today after work I went to the gym then went and picked up Lola. We went on an adventure to the beach. She made me temporary happy but I guess true happiness is just going to take time. I need to stay away from facebook because I can't handle looking at Seths page. I want to just delete it but I dont know if I really want to do that. I would like to think we can be friends but truthfully, who can be friends with an ex? especially someone you Loved and once thought you were going to marry. ANYWAYS I went out with Lola just trying to forget about things. Oh well I got some good pictures.

<3 Sara