Monday, September 7, 2009

Columbia Weekend

This past weekend I went up to Columbia to stay with the Shults family. I had to get out of Charleston and get my mind off of some things. and boy did it work!! I feel AMAZING!! Thanks Heather for a great weekend!! Friday we hung out had dinner and watched a movie. Saturday Heather and I headed to Charlotte to IKEA And Concord Mills shopping mall. It was a HUGE mall but nothing special to me anyways. We had a great time! we stopped at another mall on the way back to Columbia where I got some jeans :) YAY! I got some stuff at IKEA ill post a couple of pics of that later. That night we hung out and watched another movie. Sunday Heather and I went to target with Kainen *her son* he fell asleep! And we went to Best buy where I bought 3 movies, Ghost Rider, Hes just not that into you, and The covenant. Then we went back to get her hubby and went to the State Museum which was nice. Thats where most of my pictures were taken except the one of kainen I added. Hes just too darn cute not to take a picture of!! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend I know I did!!!

<3 Sara

Kainen being silly

I saw this rainbow on the way back to Charleston. Isn't it beautiful??? I loved it!!

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