Thursday, September 3, 2009


Today after work I went to the gym then went and picked up Lola. We went on an adventure to the beach. She made me temporary happy but I guess true happiness is just going to take time. I need to stay away from facebook because I can't handle looking at Seths page. I want to just delete it but I dont know if I really want to do that. I would like to think we can be friends but truthfully, who can be friends with an ex? especially someone you Loved and once thought you were going to marry. ANYWAYS I went out with Lola just trying to forget about things. Oh well I got some good pictures.

<3 Sara


Anonymous said...

I love these pictures. My favorite is the one of your feet next to each other! Too cute! Thank you for being such a great aunt to my baby girl. She loves you so much.

Nicole said...

I for one can not be friends with an ex Its just to hard to let it all go if this person is still around. You need a fresh start. And getting away seems like a great first step. =D