Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Im not 100% sure if I have mentioned before but my co-worker Claudia is retiring. Actually today is her very last day here. I can tell you one thing I am definitely going to miss her. We used to talk about EVERYTHING she knew all the latest drama whenever there was some. Due to certain things being removed from my life there really isn't much drama anymore. Thank God!!! Anyways We had a really nice party for her and another girl leaving as well yesterday. There was a TON of yummy food I definitely wasn't able to try all of it. Although I did want to :) I ended up getting a couple of pictures whenever one of the big guys was giving her retirement letter to her. I would have gotten pictures of her getting her gift but I ended up getting stuck doing something else. Anyways I just wanted to share a couple of the pictures. Btw those cakes were from Publix and it was AMAZING!!! They were made that morning so they were very fresh. :) Oh yes fat girl likes cake lol

<3 Sara

Btw my wordless Wednesday SHOULD be up later. Sometime!! :)

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