Thursday, September 17, 2009


Im not really sure why but today I am thinking about my trip to Orlando in October. I am going with alot of family which im really excited about. I was invited last year but I just wasn't in a Disney World kind of mood I know crazy right? BUT this year im going and im REALLY excited about it. I am thinking about getting a costume so I can dress up for the Disney Halloween Party. Im nervous about the Universal Studios Horror night because I get scared kinda easily lol SO I am just praying I dont get scared and pee my pants or something. That would be aweful! haha! I think the Universal Studios its only a couple of us going instead of the whole crew! I downloaded the Logos for the events and I honestly think the Disney one is just SUPER cool looking. The other one is well creepy.

I think this one we are doing the first night we are there or maybe its the second night.

This one im pretty sure is Monday night. IM most excited about this one because I get to go with Lola *you know my bff*!

I am So ready for Friday its unreal! I have a rahter eventful week financially which I am not too happy about BUT God is providing comfort and helping these situations. Oh minus the fact that my washing machine is broke and I dont have money to get a new one. *mom and dad ill be washing my clothes at home for awhile* My cell phone bill was INSANE as well but that is getting taken care of as well. Verizon is not really becoming my friend, I miss alltel. Im thinking about changing services but im not sure which company to go with. ANy suggestions?

Well Got to go Have a great Thursday!!

<3 Sara


Together We Save said...

Hope you have fun! That first picture is way to scarey for me. I am one big chicken. I have a way to good an imagination. LOL.

Sara Lynn said...

Oh the one at Universal will probably scare the daylights out of me! lol