Thursday, September 24, 2009

Funny little guy

My co-worker Claudia is retiring next Wednesday and as a going away gift she gave ME this troll. lol I about fell over laughing when she gave it to me. Its called a sand troll. How hideous is this thing?? lol she said she wanted it to remind me of her in a funny way. I am surely going to miss her and just hope that everything at work stays good. She is so much fun to talk to ill miss that for sure.

Tommorrow after work im going to the Moja Festival with my co-worker Shawn and Claudia. Its a block party/reggae fest. Im SO excited I might be a bit of a minority there but honestly I don't care. Will be fun and hopefully ill take some pictures to put on my blog. We shall see!!!

Have a great day!!

<3 Sara


Jenna said...

How funny! Did you ever get into collecting Troll Dolls when you were little. You know the ones with the neon hair that came dressed in different outfits!? ....or was that just me??

Sara Lynn said...

Nope my sisters and I had them. Mostly my sisters though but I remember thinking they were SO COOL lol Trolls and Lisa Frank were the bomb lol