Sunday, September 27, 2009

What a weekend

I thought after the weekend you are supposed to be well rested and ready for the weekend. Well that is NOT the case for me this weekend. Friday after work I met my co-worker and her daughter, her friends etc and went to the Moja festival downtown. That was fun I got to see some African dance which honestly is very interesting. Then we left downtown and had dinner at applebees. Downtown would have taken FOREVER for a group of 8.

Saturday I woke up early and picked up my Angela and went shopping. We went to Kohls and Target and I got some really cute things on sale!! Oh and I got fake Uggs im SOOO excited. My ex hated on them thats why I never got them but now that hes gone they are MINE!! I want the dark brown ones too because I got the tan ones. After I dropped her off I went home and hung out with my momfor a little bit then went to shannons. Later I went to a movie with my cousin Kimberly. We saw All about Steve it was funny Sandra Bullock is hilarious.

Sunday*today* I went to church with Shannon, Tony and Lola didn't really like the service or the music I mean it was OK but not great. After church the ladies there threw Shannon a baby shower so that was fun. Then we spent the afternoon at my parents house. I did get to see my friend Amanda for a little bit which was nice. Hardly ever get to see her. Anyways thats my weekend!! I hope everyone had a great weekend!!

<3 Sara

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