Thursday, September 3, 2009

Change sucks

Im not honestly a fan of change. I have experienced SO much change in the last year its just insane. This week has just been hard even though I knew Seth and I weren't going to be together much longer. Breakups are never easy whether you expect them or are just compleletely blind sited by them. Anyways since this weekend is a 3 day weekend im heading up to see my friend Heather and her family. I am REALLY excited to just get my mind off of everything and im just hoping it makes my hurt go away. No pressure heather haha JK! I just want to have a nice weekend with my friend and her family and come back feeling better. i HOPE thats how it happens. So I hope everyone has a nice Labor Day weekend! Im going to do my best for that to happen. Im tired of feeling sad and depressed. ALTHOUGH this breakup has had me in the gym 4 times this week HECK YES!! Im hoping maybe ill lose some weight! That would be nice!!

<3 Sara

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