Monday, September 7, 2009


So far I have been facebook free for 4 days and honestly I love it! I am sick of feeling "addicted" to something like facebook of course I have a SLIGHT addiction to blogger but nothing like facebook was. Its been a much needed break and its helped me get over my breakup ALOT as well. So thats a very Good thing!!!

Today I am at Mom and Dads house I think we are all going out to lunch/dinner for my sister Krystals Milestone. Can't blog about it but just pray for her to continue doing so well. She is improving so much and becoming a real sister/daughter. OH and Daddy is going to put together my shelving unit from IKEA which im STOKED about. OMG I love it!!! And I got a duvet cover which im IN LOVE WITH!!!

WEll I hope everyone has a GREAT labor day today!!!

<3 Sara

BTW Ill blog later tonight with pictures from my weekend in Columbia. That was JUST what the doctor Ordered! Thank you Shults family for letting me stay the weekend!! :)

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Nicole said...

Aaaaahhhh I just joined facebook and its driving me craaazy I am a myspace girl I just dont get it! =( Glad you had a lovely weekend cant wait to see the pics! =D