Thursday, September 24, 2009

Silly post 2

You know I never knew I could love a little kid like I love my Lola. Is it weird that im 22 and would rather spend most of my time with a 3 yr old?? Shes just so fun and we are so silly together. Tonight while at my parents house we were baking cookies being the biggest retards ever. God I would be so embarassed if anyone EVER saw us. lol Its just nice to be able to let loose and not care at all what others think. Heck Lo thinks im hilarious haha its nice for my ego!! I just wanted to tell everyone how awesome my Lola is. And im just praying the Isabelle will be just as fun and fit right in with me and my Lolly Rolly Polly. :) A little over a month and my niece/god daughter will be here. YAY!!

<3 Sara

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Anonymous said...

This is from Lola, "Sara, I love you making cookies with me and um I love you and I love somebody who is nice to me at my church." "Say um, I want to say sorry to her because I broke Nina's chair and I want to say sorry. That's it."