Monday, March 23, 2009

The Zoo

Hello All!

So this past weekend I got a chance to go see Heather, Jason and baby Kainen. He is not so much a baby anymore :( !! We went to the zoo and I got to play Keno with Heather and her group of cola girls. I won 3 out of 5 gifts. I was Rather excited about that one!! Then Sunday we woke up went to Waffle house, Target and the mall. Then it was back to charleston. It was a rather fun weekend I just wish Mondays didnt come So fast!! Hope everyone else had a great weekend!!!


Go to this blog and read the last few posts about her son stellan. He is so tiny and I hope his heartbeat can come back to normal. Just please keep this adorable child and his family in your prayers

Monday, March 16, 2009

Our weather is depressing

Our weather is seriously depressing me today. I looked outside a couple of mins ago and its so DREARY!!! Charleston seriously needs to make up its mind. Im sick of AWESOME weather, then cold, then dreary Lord only knows what it will be like tommorrow. Ok so theres my rant! :)

Anyways I wanted to blog that I joined a new gym. Select Fitness in N. Charleston! Its an AWESOME gym. Ok so I have only been ONE time but that one time was awesome!! They have tv's on all of the cardio machines except in the movie room. The quality of the machines is so much better than my last gym. So I hope I can make it apart of my daily routine and really start shedding some lbs again. At least feel better if not lose some weight!

BTW if you have twitter follow me saralynn1231. I have become a wee bit into this whole twitter thing. Andy (Miranda's husband) introduced me to twitter and I now love it. It can update in my blog to the left. I found that part pretty cool. Ive noticed that I dont use myspace much anymore between twitter and facebook. I think myspace is just declining!! Although I am not a big fan of the new facebook layout. I really wish they would just make up their minds and stop changing it!!!

Alrighty I need to get back to work!!! Hope everyone has a great Monday!!! Im thinking mine will because I got the BEST parking spot in the lot this morning!! :D

<3 Sara

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Britney Spears

So some of you may know Shannon and I headed to Atlanta thursday! We left about 10am and got there with enough time to check into a hotel and kinda rest up a bit. We left early had dinner in the cnn center (arbys) and then stood in line for like ever. We stood inline to get into the arena THEN stood in another line to get to our seats. I didn't like that part. Our seats were really high up but honestly they were VERY good. The pussy cat dolls opened for Britney and they were awesome. Then Ms. Spear's came out and rocked!! I took a TON of pictures. We didnt get back to our hotel until 1130 I think. Thats after MUCH frustration trying to get back to the hotel. Friday we woke up early considering what time we fell asleep. We headed back to charleston and stopped in augusta to do a little shopping. It broke up the trip quite nicely and neither of us spent alot of money hardly any in fact. Im glad to be back to Charleston but I had a GREAT time!!!

ALSO, I am going to be an Aunt AGAIN!! My sister is pregnant im hoping that its going to be a boy. But honestly ill be happy either way! AND im going to be the Godmother!!!

Hope everyone is doing well.

<3 Sara