Saturday, March 7, 2009

Britney Spears

So some of you may know Shannon and I headed to Atlanta thursday! We left about 10am and got there with enough time to check into a hotel and kinda rest up a bit. We left early had dinner in the cnn center (arbys) and then stood in line for like ever. We stood inline to get into the arena THEN stood in another line to get to our seats. I didn't like that part. Our seats were really high up but honestly they were VERY good. The pussy cat dolls opened for Britney and they were awesome. Then Ms. Spear's came out and rocked!! I took a TON of pictures. We didnt get back to our hotel until 1130 I think. Thats after MUCH frustration trying to get back to the hotel. Friday we woke up early considering what time we fell asleep. We headed back to charleston and stopped in augusta to do a little shopping. It broke up the trip quite nicely and neither of us spent alot of money hardly any in fact. Im glad to be back to Charleston but I had a GREAT time!!!

ALSO, I am going to be an Aunt AGAIN!! My sister is pregnant im hoping that its going to be a boy. But honestly ill be happy either way! AND im going to be the Godmother!!!

Hope everyone is doing well.

<3 Sara

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