Friday, February 27, 2009

Party Lite Party

Hey Everyone! So I had my Party Lite Party and I made out like a bandit for REAL! I got SO much free product its UNREAL! I wont need to buy anything but the actual candles for awhile. I seriuosly burn through those candles FAST!! Especially since Seth likes to have candles lit throughout the house they burn even faster. I got like 6 dozen tealights and 6 dozen votives. So if anyone wants to get Party Lite stuff I recomend that you have a party so that you can get it for FREE. yes FREE!! I spent 60 all together and got over $500 in product. If that doesnt say DEAL I dont know what does!!!

ANWAYS, I went to Mirandas house yesterday to close out the party and order my stuff and her husband Andy showed me twitter. It is actually displayed at the side of my blog. *look left* :) its just another thing I will soon be addicted to. ESpecially since its included in my blog. So if you haven't tried it yet log into and see for yourself.

Ok enough about educating yall on two of my addictions!! Things have been tough lately but I think they are FINALLY going to get better. I will not go into any details just Pray for me if you are one to pray! So this weekend is looking like its going to be a good one! TOnight im going out with Pam to see Confessions of a Shopaholic, I cant wait!! Then tommorrow im going with Ashley and her mommy to look at more wedding dresses. I love being apart of the process. I cant go with her today to condons but tommorrow will make up for it! I love making more time for my friends and family! Its something I struggle with at times but im doing better. Saturday night I think im finally going to try the fried chicken recipe Miranda gave me!! and last but not least SUNDAY my sister and my bro are getting BAPTISED TOGETHER!! I can not even begin to tell you or them how happy I am! They have come SO far together and individually!! Its truly an act of God and they have given their life to him. Its amazing!!!

Anyways back to work!!!

<3 Sara


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