Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I hate colds

So I haven't had a cold in SO long honestly I can't remember my last cold. Ok most likely it wasn't THAT long ago but its been awhile! Im sitting here at work sneezing blowing my nose and im SO congested. Can it just be friday already and I can just have the whole weekend to feel better?? Well enough about my stupid cold which im hating. Tonight is my Party Lite Party and im really excited. I have decided im not ready to start selling it though. I feel eventually I will sell because I am truely in love with the products. Their candles are just amazing and they smell SO nice! PLus they burn completely unlike that yankee candle that still has 3 inches of wax left and the wick is burnt out. LAME! Anyways if anyone loves party lite and would like the name and number to my consultant please let me know! I know she is always looking for more hostesses and they honestly have GREAT hostess specials.

Well I guess I should get back to work, 2 hours and counting!! Have a good one!!

<3 Sara

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