Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Valentines Day

So yesterday was Valentines Day! Hope everyone was loved on and got some chocolates!! Seth got me flowers and a box of chocolates. Very pretty roses 2 yellow and 2 pink! I got him a card, box of chocolates and south park boxers that were really funny. We went to eat a late lunch at the Red Pepper in summerville it was SO good. Their lunch prices were good but I think their dinner prices are a bit higher. So go for lunch if you ever decide to go. Then we were driving around just exploring summerville and ended up at Ft. Dorchester off of Dorchester Road. It was pretty neat I never even knew it existed. It was a little chilly though so we didnt stay TOo long. Then later that evening we went to Pam and Wyatts house for another round of Monopoly. Its funny because I used to HATE this game but I have found a new love for it. Plus I really enjoy hanging out with them. Next saturday I think we are going to a stingrays game. Maybe! Fun times! Im so excited because I have a three day weekend thanks to presidents day!! Tommorrow I will have had my trailblazer a whole year... crazy how fast time goes by. I really wish sometimes that it would just slows its roll. But I dont think thats how it works! Well thats enough of a post for today. Hope all is well!

<3 Sara

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