Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sprinkler time

Like I said in my previous post today is Fathers day so we all started the day at church. It was a great Service and I am so glad Dave was there to hear it. I definitely got something out of it as well but it was geared towards men especially fathers and it was so good. I definitely want to start attending church again regularly. It is so easy to stay in bed and be lazy but when I go to church I feel so much better and I almost always feel encouraged when I leave. It is worth not being lazy and getting my butt up for church. Plus going to a 10:15 service isn't exactly super early so it helps. 

After church we had some lunch and planned to go to the pool but the pool was closed. So we headed to Wannamaker County Park which is right up the road and went to the sprinkler. It only cost $4 to get into the park and it was money well spent. 

 After the sprinkler we walked over to the park to check it out since we had never been before. It was a pretty decent one, we all had fun! 

I am not really ready for another work week BUT I have a massage on saturday morning to look forward to so I guess getting the week over is a must :)

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