Saturday, June 14, 2014


Today I woke up early and headed to the Riverbank Zoo in Columbia with Dave, his kids, Shannon, my nieces, Dana and her son Blake. We got there pretty early which was great because the animals were all up and moving around before the heat really got bad. The tiger was SO cute playing in the water with his ball. I had never seen them so active and playful there before. 
I loved the Koala bears they were adorable
 Here is a group photo of all the kids, such a cute photo!

 Ok seriously I loved the Giraffes they were ADORABLE oh and huge!! 
These 2 vipers were insanely creepy mainly because they blended into the ground SO well. In the pic you can clearly see them but at first when I looked in their place I couldn't see them. Just a mental note after that to always look where I am walking. Granted I don't think we have vipers in SC, but maybe we do? 

 The zoo was alot of fun and VERY hot but we all had a great time. However the trip home was not so great. The traffic was quite ridiculous and we never saw an accident or anything to have caused it, very frustrating but we still made decent time despite that lovely crap. 

 I always love these rock arts in Orangeburg, first time I was able to get a semi-decent picture! It sometimes helps to be the passenger not just the driver. 
All in all a good day but next time I go to the zoo I think it needs to be like 60 degrees out where I won't sweat my butt off.

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