Sunday, June 22, 2014

Stormy sunday

I really enjoy sundays besides the fact that it's the end of the weekend. Sad times but a good day! I am not ready for Monday! Anyway, woke up, had some breakfast and headed to church. 
Church was really good as always and his kids really love church which I think is just awesome. I have alot of great memories involving church as a kid and teen. I loved youth group so I hope one day they will get to do that. 

Alayna and I fed some bread to the duckies and took a walk around the lake to the park. It was very overcast but SO hot!! 
We saw some very pretty roses and hibiscus flowers. She wanted to pick them but I convinced her to leave them. 

We finally headed to the pool after awhile. 

THEN a storm came :( boo!! We maybe got to enjoy the pool for 30 minutes but hey better than nothing, right?

Alayna passed OUT, Logan played video games and we watched a movie about Seal team 6 on Netflix. That movie was great you should watch it! 
I did get in a workout after the movie thank goodness! I motivated myself and made it happen and felt great. I couldn't go for 2 days because of that spider bite so it was nice to get it in today. 

Ended the day having dinner with the fam and some tv! I am so sleepy so I know I will sleep amazing tonight. Another great weekend in the books! 

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