Saturday, January 31, 2015

My Saturday

If you don't want to see more pictures of my handsome nephew just skip this post :) 

So Dave finally got home around 12:30 last night (thank God) I am so glad he got home safely. I was pretty pre-occupied this week so it wasn't complete torture him not being here but I definitely missed him. 
So anyway he slept in this morning a little bit, I went to the gym while he chilled and started his laundry. We hung out for a little bit then headed to Harris Teeter to pick up cupcakes to take to the hospital. 
 It was Vincent's (sisters bf/baby daddy) birthday today and since he was spending most of it in the hospital we figured he would appreciate a little celebrating. He got spiderman cupcakes and a balloon, I think he liked it. 
 Dave also got to meet Oliver for the first time, he said it had been awhile since he held a brand new baby. Probably since Alayna was born and she is almost 5. 

 I of course had to get in some more baby snuggles while I was there. 

 Mommy and baby in matching pj's. She looks really good for being in the hospital and just having had a baby.
Oh and you KNOW I had me a cupcake, DELISH!! Yes I am special for these pictures haha but it was funny to have a blue mouth. It must be documented because why not. 

Dave and I were there for a good 2 hours or more then we headed to the Navy Base for him to order name tags etc for his new pin he will be adding to his uniform. He can't wear the pin until the Captain pins it on him on the 17th but he is getting everything ready to go so he can wear it all immediately. I can also say holy expensive... those uniforms are not cheap at all but I guess they are good quality so it makes up for it. Just to buy the outfit without the name tags etc is $70. 

Anywho, after the uniform shop we headed over to the commissary. I do not like the Navy Commissary compared to the AFB one. I think the AFB one is newer and bigger so that is probably why. Note to self: never shop on the Navy side. 

We got home, put up the groceries, got some chinese food (YUM) I should mention our lunch was that cupcake so we were both pretty dang hungry. We watched Lost for a bit then he passed out so now I am blogging because its not even 9 yet and this girl isn't going to bed THAT early. I know he is just exhausted from the week (mentally exhausting) then driving home from VA last night. I shall let him sleep so he should be well rested for us to go out and do something fun tomorrow hopefully. I am hoping to make it to church in the morning since we have missed the last 2 sundays. Slackers, YEP! We shall see what our Sunday looks like but I would love to get out and enjoy the day if the weather is nice.  

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!! 


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