Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Small post

This past weekend really wasn't all too eventful. We got the kids friday night, had dinner then we all went to bed early. 

Saturday morning was breakfast then hanging around. I was going to go to JI but plans changed. We ended up chilling around the apartment almost all day. It was a semi lazy day minus like an hr of walking/park time. 
Alayna cuddled up with Olaf watching Enchanted. She loved that movie, I don't blame her I love it. 

It was super windy so Dave and Alayna tried to fly a kite his mom sent. They were semi successful but it was having a hard time staying in the air for some reason. They still enjoyed trying and she thought it was awesome. 
Later I went to Target and they went to a park. When they got back Logan wanted to ride his bike and I needed to excercise to some extent. So we walked to the park while he rode his bike. I have been trying to walk more outside because it's just more enjoyable than a treadmill. 

Sunday was not our typical sunday at all. Dave had to drive to VA so their mom picked them up at 3. He wanted to spend time with me and them before he left so that's what we did. Although they did drop me off at the afb gym while they played at the huge park on base. We got home had lunch hung out then they all left me. 

I headed to JI for the rest of the day. I got to finally see my cousins new baby girl, Adriana. She is 3 weeks old now so she is still soooo tiny. 
I hung out with the fam for a few hours then headed home because I was so dang tired. I haven't been sleeping geeat for some reason and now him being out of town made it worse. 

This week is so far pretty chill. My friend Ashley invited me over for dinner last night which was great. Yummy food and great company. We also did our bible study we missed last week. I was glad to do it together because I probably wouldn't have done it. Just sayin. 

The rest of the week will be pretty quiet unless my nephew finally decides to show up. My sister is due any day now so it shouldn't be much longer. My 1st nephew it will be great to have some more boys in the fam. All girls around here, not even lying. 

Ok I will stop my rambling. I hope everyone had a good and warm week!! 

<3 Sara

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