Saturday, January 10, 2015

What a day

Phew what a day! 

The kids slept late because they couldn't fall asleep last night for some reason. So Dave and I got some alone time for a little bit this morning. Movie on the couch :) 

Kids woke up, had breakfast, I went to the gym (leg day) then came back we all got dressed, had lunch then left for the day. We had planned to go by my parents house to see them then go to the beach and/or a park. Well friday night my left ear started to hurt then on the way to my parents house it got worse. 

We hung out for a bit, the kids played with these magnetic things my mom has. They love them! 
Dave and the kids went to a park while mom and I went to Nason. My ear was red and bulging so they gave me a perscription (zpak). Mom and I went to see my grammy and aunt Susan for a little bit. I told them Dave and I will come back to visit next weekend. It was nice to spend time with my mommy. 
We came back and met up with Dave and the kids. We played with some bubbles, they played with those magnet things, watched football, talked then we headed out. 

We had chick-fil-a for dinner since the chicken at home was still frozen. 

Now it's time to relax especially since my ear is still not feeling great! Movie time :) 

Hope everyones Saturday was great!! 

<3 Sara

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