Monday, January 19, 2015

Sunday afternoon

Sunday was not our typical Sunday since we didn't start it at church. Dave had a lot of studying to do so we spent the morning at home. I did take Teddy for a walk to get out the house. Doing flashcards isn't the most fun thing in the world but if it will help him then that is what I will do. After around 2 we were done studying and ready to get out the house to head to my parents house. 

We decided since it was a beautiful day we should make a pit stop before we went to James Island. Dave picked Brittlebank Park for our little outdoor outing. It was pretty chilly because it was really windy on the water but oh so pretty!! 

 We walked down the dock, enjoyed the view, took a few pictures then decided it was cold and time to go. haha it last maybe 30 mins tops!! I still enjoyed it regardless of it's short time frame. 

We headed to my parents house to hang with the family the rest of the evening.
 It's a jedi beagle
 We all hung out, watched the Seahawks beat GreenBay into overtime, and chatted. I got to feel my nephew in my sisters belly and it was so weird but kind of cool too. 
Sorry Dave for the not so great picture BUT Izzy was feeling her cousin inside Krystals belly and it was just too cute!

Mom and dad cooked a really yummy dinner! Steak, Shrimp, potatoes, and corn on the cob, DELISH!! The steak was my favorite, montreal seasoning on a steak is just what I love. 

Dave and I headed home to study some more and I was so over it, I won't even lie but it didn't take too long then we finished the night watching Lost. I know you are surprised by that, HAH! 

Love my family time!! 

Today we had the day off but that will be another post. 


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