Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Am I old now?

Prepare to be bored by this post lol

So for the last say ummm 2 weeks I have been having some pretty uncomfortable sometimes painful chest pains. I just figured they aren't consistent so i'm sure I am fine. 
So yesterday around 11ish my left arm started to feel different. Then it felt cold and asleep like ya know when you sit on your foot too long and it falls asleep. It lasted a good 2 hours then I decided I needed to see a dr. 
I had my first EKG (scary) then blood work all to say my heart is perfect (yay!!) and that basically all this is from muscles growing and tearing from workouts. Who knew!! I'm not saying be stubborn and not go to the dr if you have chest pains but if you workout it could be that. And now you know! :)

I decided the gym was probably a dumb idea after all that so I took Teddy for a walk. 
He was a happy dog getting to pee on everything and I got some excercise and fresh air. 
We walked 1.54 miles and got to see some very pretty views as the sun was starting to set. 

It was a good way to end that odd/not fun day! 

Now to rest with weight training for a week or so to see if I can get this chest/arm stuff to take a hike! 

Here's to hoping! 

<3 Sara

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