Monday, March 30, 2015

Tastefully Simple

Friday night after my workout and dinner with Dave I headed to my sisters for a party. Dave was happy, he got to play video games all night haha boys! 
The party was for a company called Tastefully Simple that her friend Stacy had just started to sell. We got to enjoy girl time, eat some yummy food and shop. The beer bread was delish and I ordered some. You don't have to use beer you can use any carbonated beverage. So good!! I got that and steak seasoning but there were so many other things I was interested in. If you want any info leave me a comment and I can get you in touch with Stacy! :)
We got some major family time (the girls) and baby time!! 
Aunt Theresa with Oliver and Aunt Christine with Adriana. The babies were so good and so cute! 

They got some cousin play time, they were definitely curious about eachother. Adriana was especially interested in Oliver maybe because she is a month older. Too cute! 
I headed home around 9 to get some sleep because we woke up at 6am for a day trip to Charlotte!! That will be another post because it's time for Orange is the New Black :) 

Hope your Monday went well, mine started with a slooooowwwww computer but got better! 

<3 Sara

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