Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Hello Mr. Sun

Yesterday when I walked out of work thinking oh great I forgot a jacket I got the best surprise. It was WARM!!! The heavens opened up and the angels sang lol ok maybe just in my head that happened but let's just say this girl was happy. I knew right then and there Teddy would be going on a walk and I would enjoy the warm air and natural vitamin D without a hoodie yay!!!! 
Happy happy happy
Come July I will probably be hating the heat haha but right now I LOVE it. 
I didn't do our normal long walk but we both enjoyed the walk we got. Teddy has become whiney lately and I truly think it's because he wants his long walks daily. Well sorry to tell him but if it's freezing and or raining he isn't getting one. BUT No whiney Teddy yesterday thankfully! :)
We had some dinner when Dave got home then watched tv all evening. We are so lazy at night but after working all day and working out I am just done. It is what it is :) 
Before I get back to work I found this on pinterest and loved it so I had to share. No matter how your day unfolds I hope it is a good day overall! 

<3 Sara

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