Monday, March 2, 2015

Rain rain go away

Our Sunday was all rainy and cold but that didn't stop us from having fun! 

We got up and went to church for the 10:15 service. Then we headed to the outlets with the Newmans to kill some time before lunch at 1. We wandered around a little bit then met up with Ashley and Jesse at Carters. She got him a few things and we got Alayna some pjs which she very much needed. We got some on sale so 3 sets of pjs for $19 which was not bad at all. 
Sweet boy playing with his jaquar while mommy shopped. 

We went to Jim N Nick's and it was amazing. I had not been in at least 2 years or longer and it was as good as I remembered. 

Jesse getting some loving from his mimi. We enjoyed our lunch so much and holy cow the salad Ashley recommended was AMAZING, seriously I wish I could have one for lunch today! Luckily that place is a little out of the way or it would be my new obsession and I would probably have one a few times a week. 
Dave and I headed home after lunch because the weather was so yucky. We layed around watching tv but then I felt like I really needed to workout. Mainly because him and I shared a piece of PB pie at lunch soooooo I needed to burn some calories. 
I headed to the gym for 45mins and he played video games. I came back made our lunches for today (monday) then we layed around the rest of the night. We weren't that hungry for dinner so I made a smoothie just to have something. It was delicious! 
Here are the pj's I got Alayna, cute right? She will love them! 

Well time to get to work!! 

Happy Monday! 
<3 Sara

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