Sunday, March 8, 2015

Mario Party

Saturday we got our party on to celebrate Logan turning 7. His birthday is on tuesday but we won't see him plus we wanted our friends to celebrate with us. We kept things pretty simple compared to other parties I have seen for kids but simple is what works best for us and our budget and it was still great. 

Saturday morning I started it off with a good leg workout, cardio and abs because duh, CAKE! I got back from the gym got the kids breakfast, got them dressed then Alayna and I went to Party City. Dave got ready and took Logan to pick up the cake. 
 Alayna loved all the silly things we found in the store while waiting for them to blow up our balloons. I let her get a spiderwoman necklace and some silly glasses since she did good and seemed a little bummed it wasn't about her that day. I know she has to just learn that birthdays are about the birthday girl/boy but I told her she could pick out something for Logan too and say it was from her. 

 Once we got home and I got a look at the cake I was SO thrilled with how it turned out. If you are in Charleston and have instagram you can look up iconcakes and get in touch with Cecilia to get cakes, cookies, cupcakes or cake pops ordered. The detail she put into this cake was just unreal and I thought it tasted as good as it looked. Of course everyone thought it looks awesome especially Logan which is what truly mattered most. 

 Yeah a quick selfie because my hair looked SO long! I love the length and I don't plan to cut it ANYTIME soon.
 Lola and me
 We enjoyed some pizza for lunch then most everyone headed over to the little park at the complex to play and enjoy that lovely sunny sky. 

 We got back and decided to go ahead and do the cake. Logan ate that attention up, he looks so happy in the pictures which of course makes all the money and planning worth it. 

 Then it was present time!!!!! He got some great stuff and has truly been enjoying them since we got them all set up. One thing I love about Logan is how excited he gets when he opens gifts even if it's a t-shirt, the kid gets excited. 

 Testing out the remote control car daddy got for him. It was pretty cool and each kid got a turn, Izzy loved it and stayed outside with Dave and Mike while the rest of the kids went inside. 

We had such a great time at his party. Thank you so much to our friends/family who came over to have fun with us and celebrate Logan. We truly appreciate you guys and love you all!! What would life be without good people in it??

After all our friends/family left we hung out for a little bit and cleaned up. Then we headed to James Island to hang out with my family for a little bit. We ate some dinner and hung out then headed home for baths and bed time.

next up: our Sunday Funday!


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