Saturday, March 28, 2015

Baby time and Chilis

Thursday morning when I woke up a muscle in my back was killing me so I decided to stay home and not make it worse. Luckily by noon it was feeling better and I was able to enjoy the day. I took Teddy for a walk, got ready then Dave got home from work. We decided to go out to dinner but first a visit to my sisters. 
We got to spend some time with this cutie and his mommy. 
Oliver in a milk coma
We even let mommy take a starbucks run to get her a beverage! This made mommy very happy! :) 

Dave and I headed around the corner to eat at Chilis. I haven't been there in at least 2 years and it was sooooo good. 
$3.50 margaritas, yes please!!! 
My handsome date, I love this guy so dang much! 

We got these fried cheese things with a yummy dipping sauce it is part of their new menu and they are just awesome!! We wanted more but we had our dinner coming soon. He got a quesidilla and I got honey chipotle chicken crispers, they were both really good! 
It was nice to get out on a week night for a date. Dave thinks we need to do this once a month. We obviously go out and do stuff but we want to make a dinner date happen more often. I love that he wants to make sure we always invest in our relationship and not get caught in a rut! Can't say I hate that :)

Have a good weekend!!  

<3 Sara

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Anonymous said...

Yes! Ruts=danger. I love all your adventures!