Wednesday, April 1, 2015

IKEA etc..

This post may be kind of long because A. I haven't posted the weekend and I am recovering from a stomach bug *yay* so humor me :) 

So this past saturday about 7am we headed to Charlotte, NC  with mom and Shannon for a quick trip to IKEA. 
 Car selfie :)
 The best store ever, Dave and I said we should just ask for IKEA gift cards if we get married lol we aren't kidding!!
 IKEA selfies, mom we should have taken one!

I should have bought this hat lol it is so fun and it was only $2.99.

 Dave and I are quick shoppers so we got done before mom and Shannon. We played around IKEA for a little bit, and had a cinnamon roll *YUMMMMM*. Dave decided to go get the keys from mom and we loaded up our stuff then went over to Old Navy. 
 This was our purchase. We got a 3 drawer dresser for me, a cube for him to put his clothes in, a thing for plastic bags, tupperware, picture frames, containers for the kitchen and a few other random things. We got some good deals and spent less than $200 which is GREAT since 2 things we bought were furniture. 
Old Navy I got a shirt, he got 2 shirts and a pair of grey loafers which were really cute on him. I love how Old Navy has become the staple store we buy our clothes at. I went a few years where I could find nothing in that store and now everytime I go there is a ton I would buy. I especially love their kids clothes and they really do have some great prices. It is especially great when you have the Old Navy cash and military discount to add to it!! 

 A box gave me a "paper cut" can we say OUCH!!!! It hurt pretty bad and luckily I was able to get a band aid from an employee. I loved the band aid, it was IKEA blue. haha
 Our haul! We definitely made that trip worth it!

 Someone fell asleep on the way home and someone else was bored and took a silly picture. That is love my friends because he has seen the picture and didn't care :) Thank you mommy for driving us up there, I thoroughly enjoyed being with my mom, my sista and my bf. It was a really great day!
 Oh and another thing we got at Old Navy, 2 toys for Teddy a wrench see above and a cupcake. This dog LOVES toys and we had no idea until mom gave him a dragon at Christmas. 
 Dave built both of our pieces of furniture when we got home to knock it out and get it done. I LOVE my dresser and we ended up putting it next to the bed.  It's perfect because my bed is high so I don't have to bend down to grab the remotes anymore.

Sunday morning we went to church and while Dave was serving the 3rd service I headed to the AFB to workout which was great. I thought they got rid of my favorite cardio machine the lateral x but I found it!!! The angels started singing and I was SO happy! It doesn't take much to make me happy haha  
 I met up with Dave after he got done and had lunch at Applebees then we went back to the AFB to shop at the commissary. I went to Food Lion before lunch to get groceries but after seeing their prices we decided to go to the AFB. Seriously they were selling 3 chicken breasts for $10, this can't be serious!! How can people afford that!

Monday was a typical workday then Tuesday at work around 11 I started to feel HORRIBLE and decided to go home. Normally I would stick it out especially with the day already half over but let me tell you I felt horrible. Thank God I went home we will just leave it at that lol It was a few hours of torture and luckily I started feeling better that night.  I was really bummed though to miss dinner with the family last night but I definitely didn't want to spread whatever it was that I had. 

Today I stayed home just because I felt kinda weak and didn't want to push my luck. I have the leave and I would rather be home feeling yucky then at work. 

This little guy sure has been fine with me being home. He could tell I didn't feel good and he stayed by my side the entire time. 

I am thinking I will go hang with the fam today or tomorrow, I miss them! 

If you read all of this you must be really bored lol just like I am! ;) 
Hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week. I am SO looking forward to this weekend, we have the kids and it is Easter weekend which means lots of fun to be had!! 


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