Thursday, April 30, 2015

I love Sundays

This one is from saturday! We hung out with the fam, had Smoky Oak with mom and dad (YUMMMM) then hung out the rest of the night at home with his friend from work. 

Sunday we had church and we invited our friend Warren and he accepted our invite. After church we all went to Kicken Chicken with my sis, Isabelle, and the newmans! I love KC, so darn yummy!!! 

We were imitating Izzys silly faces!! 
After lunch we headed to the pool and it was awesome! The water is still freezing but it was nice to get to lay by the pool for a bit. 

We took Teddy for a walk before heading to my parents house for dinner. Almost half way through Teddy decided he was done and Dave had to carry him the rest of the way. Sad. 

Mom and dad made a really yummy dinner. We took Izzy for a walk down to her school to walk off some of the yummy food. Had to burn a few of those calories we consumed! 

I didn't want Sunday to end that's for sure, such a good day!

<3 Sara

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