Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Boys 28th

I'm only a few days late ;) I am becoming a bit of a slacker with my blog. 

Last thursday my boy finally caught up to me and turned 28! He calls me old lady but i'm only 4 months older so he can hush haha 

We both took thursday and friday off to make it a 4 day weekend which was great because we had 2 days without kids then 2 days with them. 

We did a lot of relaxing, had lunch at applebees, went shopping at Old Navy and Kirklands, a LOT of tv watching oh and we did workout both mornings too. 
Handsome birthday boy at his birthday lunch! 

So friday after he grabbed the kids from school we headed to JI to have a little birthday celebration. Mom bought some pizza and the ice cream and we brought the cake! 
She photobombed me on the way there it was funny. Then she wanted to take a bunch more pictures but I only saved the first one. 
Of course the first thing she wants to do is bubbles. My parents house equals bubbles and beanie babies to these 2. 
Dave opened his present from Shannon and the girls, an awesome Eagles shirt and mom and dad gave him some cash. He is putting it towards a new washer and dryer once we have enough saved up. 

The kids stayed on the porch most of the night playing and watching tv. 

Daves awesome cake with 1 layer of vanilla and 1 layer of red velvet. It was HUGE and so yummy! 

This little one, Kodie and myself went for a walk to maybe lose a calorie or 2 ;) 

This picture reminds me of this one piece of hair I need to get fixed. It's aweful, right at the front of my head. But I love my Lola so I will forget that odd piece of hair. It looks grey! Lol 

After the party fun we headed home for baths and bed time! We were all so tired and needed a good sleep for our fun saturday! 

Thank you to my family for making it a fun night! :) love yall! 

<3 Sara

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