Saturday, April 11, 2015

Wanda Day 2015

3 years ago this last Monday my friend Norrissia lost her mother to cancer. She is the reason we have done Race for the Cure the last 3 years as well. Wanda Warriors we are! 

This was my first time attending Wanda day as Nor calls it. She had a few people over to send up balloons to her mom and to just spend time together. 

I haven't seen Nor as much lately so this was a great time to see her and celebrate her moms life. Wanda was such a sweet lady and made a killer homemade mango salsa!! I hope when I get to heaven she will make me some ;) delish! 

These girls are growing up SO quick, it's crazy! 

It was time to do the balloons, mine is below. 

All the girls who came and the kiddos. 
This is the shot Nor poured for her mom and then later she took the shot for her mom. 
Getting the lantern ready, I had only seen these on tv so it was cool to do this. 
Our 6 balloons are the dark spots and the lantern is the bright spot. It was a happy yet emotional moment sending them up to her but so great. 
Shots shots shots shots shots everrrrybody haha or just Nor. 

We may not see eachother all the time but there will always be a spot in my heart for this crazy girl! We have known eachother for at least 5 years now. I hope to see her more and be intentional about doing so.  
Wanda day was a success and I hope to be apart of more of then to honor Ms. Wanda! 

<3 Sara

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