Thursday, April 9, 2015

Lunch and the aquarium

After church we went with Shannon and the girls over to King Street Grille at the mall for some lunch. We decided to sit outside on the patio which was super nice when the sun was shining but when the clouds came it was a bit chilly unfortunately. 
 a mimosa after church :) heck a mimosa anytime is a good thing. Rare but good :)
 There was nobody else out there which was a win for us and the kids because they got to run around and not disturb anyone. You know how going out to eat with kids can be. 

 We enjoyed our food and time together except for having to fight with Alayna a bit  to eat but once she finally did all was good. Getting kids to eat sometimes is just not easy but sorry she wasn't going to be wasting my money. 
 After lunch we went down to the aquarium which I won't lie I really didn't want to go but the kids did and this was their last opportunity to go before our membership expires. I do think we will re-up our membership but it won't be anytime real soon seeing as it's $120. 

 We all hung out for a bit when we got home then I went for a walk. I got back and Alayna and I decided to go explore you know as usual now. We had some dinner then they went home to mommy. When they left I was SO tired, this weekend was just jam packed with fun and it wore me out. 
 I am thinking next weekend is going to be a bit more chill. No kids and no real plans so far and I am so ok with that. I wouldn't mind just working out, hanging out and doing church.

Weekend posts complete :) I am happy!!!


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