Friday, April 3, 2015

Simple fun

Wednesday when the kids came over Dave took Logan to go get a haircut with him and Alayna stayed with me. I was still feeling kinda yuck more weak than anything from my stomach bug I got tuesday. She was watching tv and I decided to ask if she wanted to take Teddy for a walk with me. She jumped at the idea and we headed out. I let her decide which ways we would go and we started exploring. Behind some of the garages she found a hill and got so excited. She ran up and down this hill quite a bit and had so much fun! If I was a kid I would have rolled down it but she never did. 

She explored more, climbed a tree or two, picked flowers to give Logan and daddy and found a tree branch bigger than her to pick up. 

Who says you need toys to have fun? We had fun on our little adventure but I was wiped OUT! remember that weak feeling I mentioned haha we watched tv until the boys got home! 
Logan and his new haircut, mainly cut it because this Sunday is Easter and We wanted him to look good. 
We had dinner then they both had a blueberry fruit bar on the porch. I bought them for me but didn't like them so I was glad they did because I hate to waste them. I know they aren't healthy perse because of the sugar but they are on the healthier side so I figure it was a win! 

They left and I rested the rest of the evening! 

<3 Sara

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