Saturday, April 4, 2015

Thursday family time

Thursday afternoon we were finally able to get down to JI to spend some time with my family. It was great because we were all there which makes it even better! The girls are on spring break this week so mom and dad kept them a good bit so they were there when we arrived.  
My little Kodie boy, I love my sweet puppy! 
This was Oliver before he was going home, she had hoped he would stay asleep but nope woke right up when put in his seat. Look at the blur of his legs lol always moving those arms or legs! Maybe he will be a runner or a swimmer later in life. 

So we all just hung out together, ate some leftovers, talked and enjoyed eachothers company.

Dave then taught me, mom and the girls how to really play dominoes. I saw him play once with friends but I didn't try to learn. This was different though no counting just matching princesses lol 
There were quite a few games played once we all knew what we were doing. 

I loved seeing Dave at the table with the girls. A guy who will play Disney Princess dominoes for almost an hour with your nieces is a good guy! It was a lot of fun though I won't lie. I have a feeling dominoes might be played more often now. 
Teddy and Kodie hoping someone will let them in the house. Puppies get "yard time" when everyone is there. It is just too much to have a house full of people and dogs. 
We headed home around 7:30 and everyone had left so I think mom got some down time for a bit that evening! It was definitely a good time and today we get even more family time because we are having a big easter party at my aunts! :) 

Happy Saturday everyone! 

<3 Sara

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