Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Saturday fun

On saturday am my sis asked if we wanted to go shopping and get lunch. We had nothing planned for the day and it sounded fun! I got in a quick workout first while Dave got all the kids summer clothes out. So since I have 2 older nieces Alayna makes out like a bandit. Girlfriend has 17 bathing suits and a million dresses among other clothes. Thank God Logan only slightly cares but we make sure he has cute clothes when we find good deals. 
So we met up with Shannon and Izzy at La Hacienda at the Tanger to get some lunch. It was soooo yummy but I haven't felt that bloated in forever. Too much sodium! 
We were being silly! 
This sangria was to die for!!! 

We went shopping for an hour or so. She needed to get the girls summer clothes and we were looking for shoes. We ended up with no shoes but scored a few good things for Logan! The flip flops were $2.99, I spent less than $50 on all of this, win! 
Dave and I headed to the commissary for some grocery shopping. We got home then went to JCPenny where I found an awesome maxi and he got sneakers on clearance win winnnn! We got home and chilled the rest of the evening! Sunday was going to be busy so being lazy the rest of the day was perfect! 

<3 Sara

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