Thursday, April 9, 2015

Easter morning

This is the last Easter post kinda haha seriously guys I took so many pictures this past weekend it was crazy. I always think it's nuts that I am picture crazy but when I get to look back at all of them I am glad I love to take pictures.  I love to put pictures in frames at my desk at work and around the apartment, brings back so many fun memories. 

 Top is Alaynas basket and bottom is Logans. That easter bunny sure was nice to them! 

 I absolutely love the bedhead in these morning pictures. They really enjoyed getting to see what the bunny brought to them. Logan was SO excited about the cars he got and she loved the bunny. 

 We can't forget the AWESOME blue glitter bunny glasses he brought them. They were big fans of these and they looked so darn cute in them too!
 On the way to church :) 

 We sat with Lola and Shannon while Izzy, Logan and Alayna went to sunday school. 

 Pastor Chris preaching outside under a huge tent which was really cool. I am pretty sure though between the party at Theresas and church outside may be why I am covered in bug bites. Luckily my Aunt Christine bought me skin so soft which she swears by for keeping the bugs away. I will be trying this soon. 

 We took many pictures outside next to the Azalea bush. I just realized I forgot to crop out the porta potty, woops! It is there because on the other side of this bush is a big field which is where the brand new church is going to be come fall of this year. 

 Don't the kids look so cute in their Easter clothes. Obviously I know girls wear pretty dresses for Easter service but I was clueless for the boys because let's be real suits are not happening. We opted for jeans and striped polos so the boys matched minus the colors. 

 Can we talk about the fact that my 8 year old niece is almost as tall as me???? Something is just not right with this lol I guess I just have to accept that I am 5'1 and I need to get over it, right? :)
Logan said this was his fighter pose in front of the church sign. haha this kid cracks me up sometimes!

Ok I swear only 1 more post and I will be done with the weekend!! :)

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