Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Easter family party

I am currently getting my hair done which means time under the dryer=blogging time! 

So saturday evening at 6 my Aunt Theresa and Uncle David had an easter dinner/egg hunt at their house. We had a blast and seriously are thankful for that time with family. 
These are the 2 cakes they made, very yummy and sweet. Not to mention how cool they looked! 

The kids all ran around outside most of the time and they had so much fun! They got crazy at some points but other than that they were really good. 
We had some dinner which was delicious and then it was egg hunt time! 
Getting ready for the egg hunt! The anticipation was killing them at this point. 
And their off!!! 

This group pic was the best I got. The gnats were AWEFUL so making them sit there was probably torture lol I had to try! 
We got them in the hallway to empty out their eggs and to their surprise there was more than candy in those eggs! They had dollar bills and change! Logan ended up with $13.29 and Alayna had like $8 and some change. They got to spend it the next day at the aquarium! Lucky kiddos! 
That is one happy little girl! 
Me and my boy ❤️
Dave and the kiddos, such a cute picture of them! 
Mommy and me! :) 

We had such a great time but once I saw it was after 8 it was time to go. Baths were a MUST after the kids were sweaty and covered in bug spray so off we went. We got home took quick baths then off to bed so the easter bunny could come. 

Alayna asked me to sleep on the couch to try and see the bunny. Lol so funny! I love making these memories with the kids, Dave and my family. These are the things you look back on, not going out and partying. Priorities people :) 

Next Post will be Easter morning! 

I'll be sitting in the salon chair a bit longer but my fingers need a break from typing! 

Happy Hump Day everyone :) 

<3 Sara

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