Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Part 1 of the weekend

I am not going to lie when I sat down and realized everything I wanted to blog from our weekend I got overwhelmed. I can honestly say that has never happened before! It was a jam packed weekend full of fun and I took a TON of pictures. I obviously don't post them all but most I do. So this is part 1 of our weekend :) 
Friday night Dave got the kids for them to spend the weekend with us. We did the normal Friday routine: dinner or snack if they already ate, playing, bath time then bed. 

Saturday morning was semi lazy thanks to some rain but I did manage to get in a workout. Around noon I had to drop off my car to get some recall work done. Dave and the kids picked me up so I wouldn't have to wait then we went to Target for a few things. 
These 2 got new helmets, his has a mohawk and hers is Frozen themed with a tiara. I hate that her eyes are closed but it is what it is. I am glad they got these because when we ride bikes there are always so many cars or so it feels like. A little added safety measure never hurt, right? I had hoped they would be a bit cheaper but safety first and daddy bought them so it worked! 
We went to Chickfila for some lunch and to let them play. We have the calendar cards where you get something free each month. Well this month is a frosted lemonade and holy cow it is good!! See below for the calories. I had it with the diet lemonade and it was heavenly. Dave and I split it and since we both have a card we can split one again sometime later this month. Seriously, go try one, I was skeptical but it was heavenly. 

We got back to the apartment after picking up my car which happened to be ready when we finished lunch. 
We had some time to kill so Alayna and I took Teddy for a walk. This is her new favorite thing to do because we go play on the hill. I enjoy being outside too and I know Teddy loves it  
We got back and instead of tv or video games I got out the super hero masks Shannon bought Logan for his bday and they made them. I sat with them and helped because the stickers they had to use were not easy to get apart. They had such a good time with these. Logan took them everywhere he went the rest of the day. Don't they look awesome?

We ventured down to JI early to hang out at my parents house before the family party that was later that evening. 
We got to love on our Oliver, hang out with the fam and just chill. 
I love this little guy, he has stolen my heart! 

Remember the princess dominoes? Dave taught Logan and Alayna how to play too so they got in a few games before we left the house. 

Then it was off to my aunts for the party! 

I have about 3 more blog posts but they will just have to wait! Lunch time is over so back to work for me! 

<3 Sara

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