Sunday, April 12, 2015

It's OPEN!!

Not related to my post at all but I got my hair done wednesday! Toned up the blonde and cut a good 3inches off. It feels soooo much healthier! 

So I got home thursday after a crazzzzzy afternoon at work and went to walk Teddy. I got home and went in the apt gym for some upper body and realized there was no pool closed sign on the gate. 
I asked to be 100% but the pool is OPEN!! I am so thrilled and can't wait to spend some time there over the next few months. 
It was really warm and Dave was playing video games so I changed shoes and walked back over to put my feet in. 
Sunshine, quiet time and feet in the pool made for a really great 30mins of my afternoon. It's really the small things sometimes that make a big difference in your day! So from here on out you may see lots of fun at the pool pics. I applogize now ;)

Enjoy your Sunday!! Our church is celebrating 25years today and it's going to be awesome!

<3 Sara

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