Friday, May 1, 2015

Super random

This post is superrrrrr random but I am bored and felt like posting. Sorry ;) 

TGIF people, this has been a decent week for the most part but I am so glad it's the weekend. So here are a few randoms from the week for you if you are bored enough to keep reading haha
On the way to work tuesday morning the sky was looking kinda crazy so of course I had to take a picture. Annnnnd I was feeling kinda pretty so I took a 630am selfie :)

After work I head to JI to hang with the family. I had not seen my sis or nephew in almost a month so I made a special trip down to see them. 
This kid. Gah. I just love him. I am one blessed aunt. 2 super cute nieces and 1 super cute nephew. 

Here's a pic from my workout on wednesday, I looked over at the mirror and felt "skinny" doesn't happen often but has started to become a little more frequent. I am almost at 10lbs lost, slowwww but progress.  Dave asked me to put on here he benched 265lbs yesterday, he's trying to catch up to my dad ;) those 2 crack me up especially dads comments to Dave haha 
I got my hair fixed finally after a few weeks. My widows peak was just too blonde so she fixed it for free and I LOVE it now! She added 6 foils of the darker color and I loved how it softened up my hair.
Back to watching Captain America, it's not so bad but for sure a dude movie! Have an awesome weekend, I know I will!!

<3 Sara

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