Thursday, May 21, 2015


Our Sunday was a bit different but just as fun as our saturday! We got up and headed to church. I had to be there early since I was volunteering for First Impressions (which I love). Mom took my car to Costco to get my tires rotated while I was there. So glad she did because it took them over 2hours so I wouldn't have made it home in time for our bbq. 
After church we had Kicken Chicken with our Newmans. The kids made silly faces with the chicken while waiting for our friends. Haha they are nuts! After lunch I got my car then we all headed back to the apartment. 

Dave invited a few of his coworkers over with their wives for a bbq. I invited my sis and the girls then Dana and Blake came too. We had such a fun time! A big thanks to Warren for all the food even though I couldn't eat any of it because of my diet. Boo! It looked good though! 
Lola jumping backwards into the pool!
Silly faces with Alayna! 
Everyone having fun! 

Alayna showing me her muscles! Haha she did this on her own and asked me to take her picture! 
The grill master :)

By the time everyone left and the kids got picked up I was ready for bed at um like 7! Haha I didn't go to sleep but we definitely layed around while watching tv the rest of the night. 

Such a great weekend!! 

<3 Sara

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